Gyöngyvér Dubravecz

Gyöngyvér Dubravecz, mediator

Gyöngyvér Dubravecz, mediator, IM accredited mediator trainer, adult education and human resource development expert.

I founded Umathum Oktató, Tanácsadó és Könyvkiadó Kft in 2002.

I have been dealing with mediation since 2003. I am the founder and leader of the Umathum Mediator Academy, where, in addition to our mediation office, I have been training mediators and holding further training since 2010, based on my self-developed accredited learning material.

My trainings are emphatically psychological focused and practice-oriented.

In addition to mediator training, I regularly hold coach and trainer trainings as well.

Prior to my mediation activities I worked in enterprise development consulting, dealing with life and business coaching, corporate training, leadership training, and learning material development. I have always worked in the business sector. I can make good use of my experience – achieved in many different areas – in the field of mediation.

The main profile of my mediator office is divorce mediation, business and economic mediation, inheritance matters, family and relationship reconciliation. As a mediator, I consider it most important to find common interests and move along them towards the best solution.

I am a founding member and president of the National Association of Win-Win Divorce and Economic Mediators.