About me

As an economist, I worked in foreign trade for 10 years, running a renowned art gallery for 3 years. I have more than 10 years of in-house mediation experience in training and coaching both in multinational and SME sectors. I am familiar with the operation, challenges, vertical and horizontal organizational connections of companies in both multinational and SME environments not only as an external consultant, but also as an internal employee. I consider my mission to introduce and disseminate the possibility of mediation conflict management in the world of work, family, school and all such human communities.

I have excellent professional skills and experience in the fields of economic, organizational, divorce, relationship, family and school conflicts.

The main profile of my office is economic, organizational and divorce mediation.


Marianna Kós


Economist, trainer, life and business coach

Founding member of the National Association of Win-Win Divorce and Economic Mediators

License number: T / 001796

Kós Marianna, mediátor, közgazdász, tréner, life és business coach
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Who is the mediator?

The mediator is a neutral, intermediary expert facilitating meaningful communication between the parties. The mediator helps to clarify the nature of the conflict, reveals its real causes, keeps emotional reactions in the right direction, and redound parties to reach an agreement that is acceptable for both of them.

The mediator respects and treats the needs and interests of the parties to the conflict equally.

The mediator only guides the process, does not force, does not make a decision, and does not judge.

The necessary decisions are made by the parties themselves.

The mediator is a specially-trained and prepared expert who was admitted to the list of mediators of the Ministry of Justice.

Kós Marianna mediátor

About mediation

A form of alternative dispute resolution, a dynamic, structured, interactive process, the path to a peaceful settlement of disputes, in which a neutral and impartial expert facilitates dialogue between the parties in order to reach a mutual agreement. Mediation help avoiding the resentment of the relationship and also a delayed and unpleasant litigation procedure.

When is it appropriate to use mediation?

  • If the parties are in a situation of conflict (conflict of interest), unable to discuss their issues calmly and they are also unable to leave their grievances behind.
  • If the parties intend to keep a good relationship, but at the very moment they are incapable of cooperation and having an appropriate-tone dialogue.
  • If you want to resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, preserving your human dignity in the meantime.

Why is mediation effective?

Mediation does not seek to decide who is innocent and who is at fault, who is right and who is not. It does not focus on the negatives of the past, but concentrate on values, solution, future. The purpose of mediation is to find mutual benefits and acceptable compromises between the parties.

Benefits of mediation:

  • Cost savings, relatively cheap and fast.
  • Volunteer - therefore it's less stressful!
  • Volunteer - that's why parties abide the agreement!
  • Discreet (no public hearing, the mediator is bound by confidentiality).
  • Fair and square relationship remains between the parties.
  • Nothing to lose! If parties fail, they can choose another way to resolve.


Economic mediation - organizational, business, work, labor disputes
Divorce mediation
Divorce counseling
Relationship mediation
Relationship training
Family and inheritance mediation
Individual Consultation and Coaching

Online mediation

All mediation services are achievable online as well!

Please send your request for online mediation via e-mail.

Online meditáció
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Gyöngyvér Dubravecz, mediator, IM accredited mediator trainer, adult education and human resource development expert

Dr. Gergely Jámbor, mediator and corporate lawyer


Individual Consultation and Coaching

Individual consultation
magyar nyelven: 16 000 HUF/occasion
angol nyelven: 20 000 HUF/occasion

counseling, preparatory discussion with one of the parties

(Duration: 1-2 hours/occasion)

Individual coaching
magyar nyelven: 18 000 HUF/occasion
angol nyelven: 23 000 HUF/occasion

Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation session with both of the parties
magyar nyelven: 15 000 HUF/hour/number of participants
angol nyelven: 15 000 HUF/hour/number of participants

(Duration: max. 3 hours / session, the number of sessions varies from case to case, sometimes a single session is sufficient)

Preparation and settlement of an agreement is HUF 65,000, which is included in the procedural fee

Divorce counseling

Divorce counseling
magyar nyelven: 18 000 HUF/occasion
angol nyelven: 23 000 HUF/occasion

With the participation of one or both parties.

(Duration: 1-1.5 hours)

Relationship mediation

Relationship mediation session with both of the parties
magyar nyelven: 15 000 HUF/hour
angol nyelven: 16 000 HUF/hour

(Duration: usually 1-2 hours/occasion)

Experience has shown that 3-6 times are required over a period of 3-4 months.

Relationship training

Relationship training
magyar nyelven: 18 000 HUF/couple/day
angol nyelven: 23 000 HUF/couple/day
Relationship training
magyar nyelven: 12 000 HUF/participant/day (in case of individual participation)
angol nyelven: 17 000 HUF/participant/day (in case of individual participation)

Economic mediation - organizational, business, work, labor disputes

Economic mediation
magyar nyelven: 25 000 HUF- 50 000 HUF/hour
angol nyelven: 28 000 HUF - 55 000 HUF/hour

depending on the case by individual and ad hoc agreement

businesses mediation framework agreement options tailored to customer needs

Family and inheritance mediation

Family and inheritance mediation
magyar nyelven: 15 000 HUF/hour
angol nyelven: 20 000 HUF/hour

regardless of the number of participants


Office: 3525 Miskolc, Széchenyi István út 15. I.emelet 2.
Mobile: (+ 36-30) 903-3386
Email: info [@] mediatormiskolc.hu
Website: www.mediatormiskolc.hu