Family and inheritance mediation

Családi és örökösödési mediáció

The family is the most important and sensitive system of relationships in our lives. Family relationships are periodically or permanently strained can be resolved through mediation.

Disputes within the family can vary widely based on both topic and the people involved.

For example, during relationship mediation, there may be a need for a broader family mediation, if the families of the couples (from one or both sides) have a strong influence on the life of the couple. These effects – either explicitly or unspoken, resigning or rebelling – generate tensions and disputes between couples and demolish their relationship. Such conflicts can be clarified and resolved through the mediation process. After exploring annoyances, grievances and needs, we jointly design new family contacting/communication process.

In case of inheritance disputes, the range of stakeholders may go beyond the narrow family. The heirs – involved in the probate proceedings – may not or only partially know each other. Even within a smaller family, relationships may be lost – with or without the usage of court procedure – one of the parties complains the outcome. In the mediation procedure, it is possible to reconcile the positions of the parties and reach an inheritance agreement acceptable to all parties involved.


Family and inheritance mediation

15 000 HUF
20 000 HUF

regardless of the number of participants